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ZerSCHMETTERe den Eisenring
Zerschlag die Ketten, die uns binden
Auf dass wir endlich Freiheit finden
SCHMETTERling, du freier Geist
Lehr uns was du von Freiheit weißt
Wenn du über Blüten kreist
Keine Blume dich an sich reißt
ZerSCHMETTERe den goldnen Ring
Zerreiß die Bande, die uns halten
Dann werden wir uns frei entfalten
SCHMETTERling, du Geist der Luft
Zeig' uns den Weg über die Kluft
Folg' der lieblich Blüten Duft
Doch wer nicht fliegt stürzt in die Gruft
ZerSCHMETTERe nicht diesen Ring
Dein Flügelschlag zerreißt mein Herz
Doch du bist blind für meinen Schmerz
SCHMETTERling, herzloses Tier
Ich bin nicht frei. Ich häng' an dir
Jetzt bin ich froh, denn du bist hier
Doch bleibst du morgen nicht bei mir
Ich halt's nicht aus. Hör meinen Schrei
Im Herzen war ich niemals frei
So wie du bist, konnt' ich nie sein
So wie ich bin, bin ich gan
:iconskotan:skotan 1 0
All the little soldiers
All the little soldiers
Fighting for our right
They must never know
Wherefore they really fight
All the little soldiers
Killing for our might
They follow our orders
Fulfilling their plight
All the little soldiers
Dying in our fight
They are not a problem
Trust us, it's alright
But the worn out soldiers
Coming back alive
Don't say what they ought to
Spoil what we contrive
They have seen the war
But only with their eyes
We have seen its purpose
Hidden beneath lies
When we go to war
You all fight by our side
Yet we fight alone
For reasons we must hide
Why we go to war
You would not understand
As long as we can lie
You follow our command
Be afraid of evil
Battle needs our youth
We are here to save you
We fear nought but truth
:iconskotan:skotan 0 0
Not like her
You say you're not like Bea
What does that mean to you?
So now you need just two hundred?
That's what Bea said too
What do you think I told her?
Back then I told her, 'no'
And that's what now you get from me
I think now I should go
But when trouble gets too real
I won't leave you to drown
Once all you want is to get home
I sure won't let you down
Just tell me where you're now
Come on I need to know
Oh there, you surely understand
I would not like to go
Now you don't come to meet me
I have to pick you up
And you won't come alone with me
Have I not earned your trust?
Yea, that is so like Bea
Never just her and me
You even picked the same person
To keep us company
But no you're not like Bea
You don't babble of love
You just pretend you were my friend
That puts you miles above
So, bye, have a nice journey
I hope you get home well
Call not only when you need cash
Or difference's hard to tell
You, too, are not like Bea
Oh, are you sure of that?
You do such good impressions
Of all the things
:iconskotan:skotan 1 0
Falco spacecraft POV-Ray model by skotan Falco spacecraft POV-Ray model :iconskotan:skotan 1 0 Elanus class space frigate by skotan Elanus class space frigate :iconskotan:skotan 0 0
💘💰   ⚡  💔
👬💰  💢  ❄
🔬💰  🃏  🎭
💊💰  ⚡  💀
📎💰  📎  💢
💋💰  😊  ✨
:iconskotan:skotan 0 0
The Friendship Algorithm DRAKON diagram by skotan The Friendship Algorithm DRAKON diagram :iconskotan:skotan 1 0
If only they could make a pill
That keeps you from falling in love
A big one for Gina
And one for me
One for Reni
Or not, maybe
Cello gets one too
Then he’ll be free
Bea doesn’t need it
Okay, I’ll be nice
Reni gets one from me
We take ours together
In harmony
’cause it’s not the day
And here’s not right
But when it’s okay
Let us stay tight
I hope that we will
One day maybe
Get off the pill
In harmony
We’ll quit it together
Let happen what will
If it’s not forever
I do love you still
    — Frank Bruder
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Mature content
Out there S1, The Eos conflict (web series) :iconskotan:skotan 0 0
Diomedea light space bomber by skotan Diomedea light space bomber :iconskotan:skotan 0 0 Phantom house by skotan Phantom house :iconskotan:skotan 0 0 Flesh tree by skotan Flesh tree :iconskotan:skotan 2 0 Concrete spheres by skotan Concrete spheres :iconskotan:skotan 0 0
Red Dunes (fragment)
I turned around, and she wasn’t there. She stood outside the tent, staring out into the desert. Although I couldn’t see her face, I got the impression that she was sad. So I went towards her. As I came closer, I noticed that she was bleeding. Drops of blood fell from her arm onto the dry sand which absorbed them.
The red spot grew larger. Then I realised that it wasn’t her blood, as I had thought. The blood was seeping out from the ground underneath her and all around. Now everywhere around us the desert sand soaked in blood, and from below the red dunes I thought I heard the agonised screams of millions and millions of victims. For a moment I realised where I was.—Then I woke up.
For a moment I’ve had that strange feeling that I just forgot something true and important, that I should hold on to that dream to not let that knowledge escape. Maybe I really knew something. One of those things which only make sense in dreams, which the waking mind c
:iconskotan:skotan 0 0
The Burghart Experiments (web series)
01 Phantom presence
Int.  Laboratory
Nina sits in front of the camera. Dr. Höfner, who switched the camera on, walks around it and bows down to look into the camera. Behind them is a bare concrete wall.
             - Dr. Höfner
It is February 19, 2009 15:21 Central European Time. - I’m going to activate the Burghart generator.
Dr. Höfner walks across the room. His shadow and Nina’s eyes following him imply his movements.
Click. A humming sound fills the room.
             - Dr. Höfner (OS, cont’d)
The generator is on now.
Nina looks a bit nervous, but tries to stay calm.
Nina jumps off her chair and turns around, visibly scared.
             - Nina
Da. Da. Da.
Dr. Höfner walks into the frame. Nina points to behind the chair.
:iconskotan:skotan 3 0
Hugenottenkirche by skotan Hugenottenkirche :iconskotan:skotan 0 0


Alien temple by KPEKEP Alien temple :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 1,013 78 Mandala Drawing by AtomiccircuS Mandala Drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 1,124 69 skinhorse fanart: D of I by pencilears skinhorse fanart: D of I :iconpencilears:pencilears 2 6 Prometheus by RadoJavor Prometheus :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 4,253 269 Derelict ship 2 by highdarktemplar Derelict ship 2 :iconhighdarktemplar:highdarktemplar 174 34 Fly Me to the Moon by TK769 Fly Me to the Moon :icontk769:TK769 203 37 The Space Jockey by TITANOSAUR The Space Jockey :icontitanosaur:TITANOSAUR 51 27 Space Jockey by DominicQwek Space Jockey :icondominicqwek:DominicQwek 35 0 Space Jockey by grid-gunner Space Jockey :icongrid-gunner:grid-gunner 88 37 Space Jockey by Abelardo Space Jockey :iconabelardo:Abelardo 69 12 Space Jockey by JKSIII Space Jockey :iconjksiii:JKSIII 117 12 Space Jockey by DominicQwek Space Jockey :icondominicqwek:DominicQwek 99 13 Prometheus Chamber by RadoJavor Prometheus Chamber :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 4,412 304 Maybe it's a voice.... by Harnois75 Maybe it's a voice.... :iconharnois75:Harnois75 198 27 Space Jockey sketch by Harnois75 Space Jockey sketch :iconharnois75:Harnois75 293 56 Space Jockey planet by RadoJavor Space Jockey planet :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 2,185 147


Frank Bruder
I have a degree in mathematics.

I like to claim that I draw web comics, but currently I hardly ever draw at all. When I’ve got time, I try to write scripts.

I develop my own fonts, I hand code Scalable Vector Graphics, I love ray tracing, and I definitely want to do something which combines all of the above.



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